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Monday, June 18, 2012

March Of Dimes Challenge

My challenge for the upcoming third quarter of this year is the March of Dimes.  I will donate a portion of every sale to this worthy and much needed organization. 

Next quarter (October - December 2012) will be devoted to making the holiday season special for families in need during the Christmas season. 

Make a purchase now because the Christmas holidays will be here sooner than we realize.  We need ample time to purchase, wrap and deliver the gifts to each family.

Thank you for your love.  Thank you for helping me give to those in need.

Saturday, December 31, 2011


Want to help minimize JUNK mail?  Following are a few tips:

The following phone number should be used to "OPT OUT" of unwanted phone calls and receiving JUNK mail and from receiving those "YOU'RE APPROVED" credit card offers in the mail.  If you want to opt out, call  (888) 567-8688.  You can also "OPT OUT" online at www.optoutprescreen.com

Do you get phone calls stating, "YOU HAVE WON AN ALL-EXPENSES-PAID VACATION TO HAWAII or some other destination?  Ever get a phone call asking that you donate money to a charitable foundation - just give me your credit card number? NO! NO! NO!  DON'T give out your credit card number!  It's a SCAM and the charities are PHONY. These types of callers will try to sell you anything and everything. These crooks milk billions of dollars from kind hearted unsuspecting people every year.  Don't want telemarketers to call you?  REGISTER your landline and/or cell phone on the NATIONAL DO NOT CALL LIST at   www.DoNotCall.gov  or call toll free (888) 382-1222   It takes thirty (30) days to fully activate and does not expire.  After thirty-one (31) days a telemarketer should not call you.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


The following information is good to know and practice at all times but it is especially relevant during the Christmas and New Year holiday season. There are many parties, dinners and festive celebrations to attend during this time of the year. So I am posting a reminder for everyone to be cautious and careful when you attend your New Year's Eve celebrations. Thousands of women (and men) end up in an emergency room as a result of someone intentionally drugging them. This happens predominately by someone slipping a drug into the victim's drink. This practice is prevalent in all types of settings and on all levels of the social scale. Most of these types of druggings are perpertrated on females but there are a significant number of male victims also, enough to warrant a warning for all males to be cautious too. Types of drugs being slipped into drinks cover a wide range, including various types of stimulants, cocaine, ecstasy, anxiety drugs, prescription drugs, etc. So if you are socializing where drinks are being served, please watch your beverages. Some of the most common motives for drugging people's drinks include rape, robbery or bodily injury. Your body may be sexually violated, your cash and credit cards may be stolen or, more importantly, you could be seriously injured or possibly killed. Most likely, if you fall victim to this type of crime, you will be treated by emergency room staff and released. But why subject yourself to any of the above possibilities?



Monday, December 5, 2011


Am I My Brother's Keeper?

That's the question I pose to every viewer of this writing; to everyone who has something to give - large or small.  For we are not required to give equally but to sacrifice equally.  In our giving we are sure to be blessed in return.

I haven't gone a single day without seeing or hearing about someone in need.  There is no way just one person can meet all the needs of all those who need help.  But we can brighten the corner where we are.  And if everyone would help brighten their corner oh how wonderful life could be.

That's why I created this page and the opportunities on it.  On it I have placed products for sale, in a central location.  I will be tracking every sale and I will donate a portion of each sale generated to helping as many struggling people as I possibly can.  With your help I can do just that.

Please forward this website url to family, friends co-workers, business contacts and ask them to support me in this endeavor.  Please visit again and again for there is great need in the world.

I have a heart for the children who won't receive a Christmas gift, families who won't have a Christmas meal, soldiers who will be away from home, family and friends protecting us and our freedom.  My challenge is ongoing, year round from January to December - needs don't stop after the holiday season.  Together we can make a difference.

I will give full mention of those we bless; I will provide information on the organizations who receive donated funds.  Names and personal information will remain confidential unless the person(s) choose to disclose information of this nature.  I will be as open as I can.  All monies I donate will be maintained in a separate account for this purpose and use only.

So please open your heart and your wallet.  There are some wonderful items for purchase for your own use and you may also want to gift some items to your family, coworkers and/or friends.

Thank you and have a joyous and merry Christmas & a blessed and happy New Year!